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In Australia the Aussie Outdoor Blinds Company began operations in 2004 in Western Australia and quickly grew to 14 franchise locations in 4 states. This was possible due to the rapid growth in home owners looking for solutions to enclosing their outdoor areas to protect from the heat, the cold, insects, wind, sunlight etc.

If you want to entertain outside during the summer months, you may find that the sun is a bit much or that you would prefer that your neighbors are not looking in on your and your guests. If this is the case, then you may find that you want to invest in blinds for your outdoor entertainment area that will allow you to roll them up when you are not entertaining but will also give you the option to block out the sun or nosy neighbors when you are entertaining. However, deciding that you want a set of blinds is only the first step as there are a large number of different options and each one can be customized to your needs.

One of the first things to decide is what you want the blinds to be made of. While many people may choose to go with a plastic option for their indoor blinds, outside plastic may not be the best option. Instead, most people choose to go with either a cloth or a wooden blind. This allows for a number of different variations in terms of color and size but also ensures that the blinds are going to last for a quite a while outdoors.

Wood is a popular option for people who host gatherings in their garden or who are trying to match their decking Aussie Outdoor Blinds in Western Australiawith their blinds. This can be either a more traditional wood that has been stained to a dark colour or can include options like bamboo and other exotic woods. These blinds will generally roll up into a bit of a log like a shape when not in use and will be quite heavy, but will also not tend to move that much in the breeze once they have been properly rolled out. They can also be decorated in a number of different ways and if properly treated will last for any number of years.

Cloth blinds are generally made with some kind of canvas or other waterproof material and will generally be done in brighter colours. They will tend to be a bit lighter than wooden blinds, but may also sway a bit more in the wind, meaning that they need to be held down or that they should be placed away from guests. The fact that you can have light coloured cloth means that they can be used to let in sun whilst shading you from the worst of the rays. These are a great option for people who love entertaining in the sun.

Overall, the different blind options can all be customized with different colours, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and other options that fit your needs. If you are entertaining on a regular basis there are even blinds that can be installed permanently, treated to work even in the winter months to expand the space that you can use during the holidays and other times that have traditionally confined you to the home even on the nicest of days.