Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspections Gold Coast

There are too many horror stories in the world of real estate that revolve around the hopeful home buyers who bought a nice-looking house and discovered it needed enormous amounts of repair work. Unfortunately, these stories are supported by all too many real-life examples. This is why it’s vitally important for buyers to make sure they have comprehensive inspection reports before they consider buying any home.

Why Professional Inspections Are A Must Prior To Buying A Home

The Dangers Of The Under-Examined House

For any buyer, purchasing a new home represents a significant long-term commitment of financial resources. It’s always important to know, to the maximum possible extent, what is being purchased once the deal is completed. Houses that look rock solid may be swarming with hidden defects. These can seriously impact the true value of a home, putting buyers at risk of significantly overpaying. Correcting these kinds of issues can represent another major expense on top of the actual home purchase, turning a property acquisition that should be a net gain into a significant loss.

Building Inspection: A Growing And Well-Regulated Profession

Because houses are bought and sold much more frequently today, an entire industry has risen up to provide buyers with the professional, unbiased expertise they need to confirm the integrity of any home they intend to purchase. Building inspectors are highly trained and independently licensed, both factors that increase their reliability and trustworthiness. Because their profession is expressly focused on detecting the warning signs that real estate buyers are looking out for, they can provide comprehensive and accurate reports on the condition of a home quickly and affordably.

The Problems Building Inspectors Look For

Structural damage is perhaps the most important factor building inspectors can look for. They can see even the tiniest signs of weakness or damage lurking inside the structure of a home. They’re trained to enter a home’s maintenance spaces (attics, subfloors, roofs, and anywhere else accessible) to get a better look at the building’s structural members. They even have specialized equipment for verifying the integrity of a material hidden beneath finished surfaces. Water damage and rot are prime targets for all building inspectors. Good inspectors are also able to deliver accurate assessments of a house’s plumbing and electrical systems. They know the strengths and weaknesses of most major equipment vendors, and they can alert buyers to the presence of faulty equipment or shoddy workmanship that will cause expensive problems in the future.

Pest Control Deserves A Special Mention

Checking for the presence of harmful insects and judging a building’s risk to future insect problems is especially important in many regions. Termites, worms, borers, and other species that consume wood are especially threatening given the frequency of wooden construction in the residential market. Good building inspectors are familiar with the signs of infestation for most local harmful species, but exterminators may also be called in on particularly delicate cases. A clean bill of health for a home in this area requires not only the absence of active insect colonies but also proper preventative measures, like the use of treated wood and the presence of insect shields. Visit or call: The Pest Company pre-purchase inspections for your personal inspector.

All Parties Win No Matter Who Pays

Many first-time home buyers are curious about the financial responsibility for building inspection. Some buyers may hire their inspectors so that they are certain of the validity of the inspectors’ reports. Realtors or sellers may pay for inspections themselves to fully establish the overall “health” of the property they’re selling. No matter who pays for the inspections, all of the interested parties can benefit from the resultant information if it’s provided by a trustworthy inspector. Very few problems are severe enough to totally sink a potential home sale; simple awareness of these issues on all sides leads to fairer negotiations and a more accurate final price for the home.