Oral Health by Southport Dental (Gold Coast)

How would you assess your oral health? It can be difficult to manage to keep your teeth in tip-top shape, and people have different challenges. Some people’s teeth are fine for the most part with just general maintenance. However, other people take good care of their teeth, and they are still presented with oral health challenges. The Dentist Gold Coast asks;H”ave you had any challenges of your own”?

You don’t hear as much it seems these days about brushing technique. You hear people talk about how many times to brush daily, what toothbrush to use and what toothpaste to buy. However, brushing technique is really important, and it is something that you need to look into, even if you use one of those electronic toothbrushes.

Let’s talk about flossing, too. People get the floss and make attempts, but does everyone use the right flossing techniques? It’s safe to say of course that not everyone even uses floss. You have probably heard enough about floss though, right?

There is also the point of the ADA seal. This is an important seal when it comes to looking at picking the right toothpaste. You don’t have to get an ADA approved toothpaste, but that’s just one of the recommendations that the experts make.

What type of mouthwash or rinse do you use? This is also important when you are trying to take your dental health seriously. We all need to do that of course. This is a good time to mention as well that people often like to use natural solutions when it comes to dental health. You often hear about those when you look at teeth whitening remedies, but there are all natural mouth rinses, kinds of toothpaste and more.

Let’s talk about toothbrush storage now. Do you have that cap for your toothbrush that stays on there in between uses? The experts actually say that you shouldn’t use a cap like that on a toothbrush. They do say that you need to keep your toothbrush clean though, and then you just let it dry on its own like normal. Do you need to rinse it out really well, or will quickly after each rinse do?

Oral health care tips can get really specific, can’t they? How often are you supposed to change your brush? The experts say that you should do so every three months. Does that mean you should just change out the electric toothbrush and not the battery? It certainly seems like it, and so think twice either way about keeping that toothbrush around for too long.

What else is important in regards to your oral health? Don’t forget those gums. They are certainly part of oral health and part of keeping your teeth in good shape. Gum disease can mean receding gums and loose teeth. You want to keep your teeth in good shape, and you are going to have to address any shortcomings when it comes to how you approach dental care on a daily basis at home and on the go, too.